Mt Hotham Late with all of the colours of the rainbow!

There is a bit of a story to this image. We were set up for a while waiting for this sunset and then decided to go down the mountain to see what else might be happening, but found nothing.

We turned back and then saw this scene starting to develop. Christian,  Tom Putt and  Tony Middleton were all salivating and rushing to get to the best vantage point. I was still sporting a sore foot from the staking I did to myself in Karijini so I was definitely bringing up the rear, to the point where I simply couldn’t get as far around the corner as the others did.

So in a state of frustration I set up here and just waited for the colours to come to me. Don’t know why I glossed over this image till now but I am rating up there with as good as I got in Bright.

The range of colours in this image are quite stunning and the red highlights on the hill tops are awesome. I know the boys also got some pretty amazing stuff from this 5 minute window as well and I am now pleased that the cripple was able to finally deliver!

~ by True North Mark on July 23, 2010.

31 Responses to “Mt Hotham Late with all of the colours of the rainbow!”

  1. Spot on there mate, definitely a beauty. Love the depth of the ranges. What are the red highlights from mate, is that red highlights from the sky on the green trees, some blow out colour there man. Awesome

    • Hi Chizz

      The reds are from the after glow as the sun wend down behind the horizon.

      Where the boys were it just went nuts but I still managed to get these cute little highlights on the top of the hills.

      Pretty happy with this one I am!

  2. What a corker, looks like you made the most of the staked foot, I think you may have got the best of the lot. The colours give this some zing!

    • Thanks Matt…sometimes it pats to take your time eh…even if it is not in my nature tondo so!



  3. It’s a very “other-worldly” image – those red highlights make it look almost volcanic.

    • Thanks Muzz .. and yes I thought that as well.

      The full size TIFF is awesome!!!



  4. First impressions …. volcano, lava, PNG, …. then i read the post.

    Great capture and story , reminds me of the old bull young bull story. 🙂

  5. Very nice capture Mark, beautiful highlights.


  6. That is gorgeous Mark, the universe was good to you and light came to you as you patiently waited. Well done.

    The red peaks on the mountains look amazing, yes they’re very strong but it works as it lends it a otherworldly look and does look like lava! The colours and the lines and clouds are spellbinding.

    I might have perhaps cropped it tighter but that’s just me, I’m not too keen on too much foreground.

    Gold mate!

    • Thanks Bo…I looked at cropping it further but there is some cool stuff in the foreground especially zoomed in so I think on a large print it will work.

      Glad you lined it mate!



  7. cant believe you held out on this one too Mark..its amazing. def up there with your best for me. I think im with flemming though on cropping a bit of foreground off the bottom, as you say though could wotk on a large print! i hope you are going to hang this one on your wall!

    • Thanks Matt…got a few in the bag already this evening and waiting for the last colour pop!



  8. Beautiful image…
    I am glad someone was out getting that amazing sunset..

    • Thanks Peta…I got a few good ones last night as well…stay tuned!



  9. Very nice indeed Markie (esp for a cripple :P). That was just an epic scene and moment/experience with the light,mist,landscape and the company, I think that none of us will forget it in a hurry.It has proven to be an APPA winning day. It was just a great few days ! I love the peak of Feathertop there… I rate it as one of the more majestic peaks in the alps. I should perhaps oneday complete processing my own work from up there as well….. lol


    • Thanks Tone and I insist that you do mate…I am sure you will have gold from around the corner dude!

      • Good idea Mark – there were some images that I really liked amongst them… just never got around to finishing them and now they are buried and an equally inspiring yet arid and large volume of work – lol someday 🙂

      • No not someday Tone….True North Mark has given you a challenge dude!!!

        Work up that gold son…itchin’ to see it mate!

  10. Lord of the rings. Ends of the Earth. Pristine wilderness. That’s what I reckon mate!

  11. spam filter ate my post, trying again:

  12. Nice work Markie, it was an epic scene for sure and epic company as Tony said.

    • Hello little buddy…finally made it to this image mate..nice to hear from you and yep it was a fun afternoon for sure eh!

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