Bruny Island Neck

This shot was taken from the ‘Neck’ lookout on Bruny Island. Not the best day in the world there but I kind of like the depth in this shot.

It started to rain not long after this!

~ by True North Mark on July 21, 2010.

24 Responses to “Bruny Island Neck”

  1. Interesting perspective and symmetry Mark. Clouds are great. Looks quite tidal on the rhs.

  2. I am not quite sure it works for me as an image but still, it is surely intriguing because that is one crazy view and perspective. Not often one sees a neck lookout like that and almost mirrored image in real life from left to right.

  3. Nice work Mark. I like the symmetry

  4. Interesting view Mark. I like the overall mood of the image.

  5. works for me Mark, i like the composition and feel of it. i wonder what it would look like without the walkway? bit of content aware fill perhaps?

  6. Keep the walkway! great shot Mark

  7. I like it Mark. Lots going on and I find myself studying the image looking for all the little parts that make it up. Good job!


    • Thanks Dave…did you see the little guy just about to walk onto the stairs…gives the image a fair bit of scale!

      • Looked again! Yes I can see him. By crikey you would get very fit or very dead running up these each day!

      • Indeed Dave…step aerobics from hell!



  8. I love this stretch of beach you have captured mark. Pity re the light but still cool perspective

    • Yep totally agree Adrian…not much I could do about the light on the day though!



  9. Sweet location and capture Mark, really nice perspective …

    • Thanks for the comment again Neal..and this one surprises me a bit as it is not one I thought you would rate!



      • I’m a sucker for wide open landscapes so this one caught my attention … I like the pov and its a place in Tassie you dont see a lot of images from … Sure it could be a blazing sunrise sunset, but I kinda like the winter feel of this capture and this is how it looks for 9 months of the year being tassie …

      • Cool Neal….it was a shame the day wasn’t kinder to me as there for sure are some great shooting opportunities over there. You could spend a few days there I reckon and do some serious hiking to get to the good stuff!

  10. I have 10 days hiking and tenting coming up in Tasmania with my brother which we planned around March this year so its finally getting a little closer … Just hoping it is cold and white in the alpines when we get there …

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