Gordon Dam Tasmania

Here is a shot of Gordon Dam from the lookout. Once again shot with the Tilt Shift 17mm…schweet!

~ by True North Mark on July 19, 2010.

19 Responses to “Gordon Dam Tasmania”

  1. Damn…that dam is a damn big dam! haha, oh I’m funny!

    Can’t wait to try that sweet tilt shift 🙂

  2. Nice shot Mark. Were you shooting from a lookout or did you have to hike up to that point – looks like it would be a trek!

    • Yep Bo it’s a dam big dam and looking fwd to giving you a crack at the tilt shift and Mark, the shot was taken from a lookout literally 10 steps from the car!!



  3. amazing dam, great shot…lots of steps….

  4. very cool Mark!. dams are pretty amazing things! man beating mother nature…doesnt happen very often!
    I like the simple white borders you are running now…was never a fan of the old blog template with big title..too distracting i think..the simple white with the signature works a treat!

  5. I had forgotten just how big the dam wall was, it’s huge alright. Image the water pressure on the top side. Great view as well.

    • Yes it is an impressive achievement alright Peter…I can’t imagine the engineering calcs that must go into designing something like that…never mind designing the process of how to do it!

  6. It’s all about the curve I reckon.

    • I am sure you’re right Peter…but I for one would not like to be putting my balls on the line that my calcs were right!

  7. Nice Mark!
    The irony is the justification for building this dam and flooding Lake Peddar was that Tasmania would have ample electricity supply for ever.
    Now they import electricity from Victoria which is Coal fired! Go figure!

    • So what happened to the electricity they are generating out of the dam Tim? Is it not enough for demand these days?

  8. In dry conditions they supplement Hydro-Electric Power from all the dams in Tas with electricity from Vic to save water! I just shook my head when i first heard it.

  9. despite the enviromental aspect of it all… it is one mean ass dam wall hey ! Did you base jump of it ? 😉

  10. I love that rail thingy plunging down into the darkness. This would look awsome as a huge print on a wall.

    Yes thumbs up for the signature as well!

    • Thanks Dave

      Yes it is a pretty aesome achievement and it makes a dramatic photo.

      Jenna did a great job on the signature logo eh!



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