Richmond Town Church

I am pretty happy with the result of this image. Shot at Old Richmond Town which is the old settlement of Hobart on the way out to where the airport is now situated.

I shot this with my 17mm Tilt Shift and it is oh so sharp!

Hope you like it!

~ by True North Mark on July 14, 2010.

17 Responses to “Richmond Town Church”

  1. Mark this shot is unreal the sharpness, clarity, emotion and depth and composition all spot on mate would love to see the colour image to oh and just downloaded CS5 going to be a long night :).

    • Thanks Brett…yep I am pretty happy with it as well.

      I will work up a colour version tomorrow.

      Enjoy ‘CS5 mate!



      • I will indeed enjoy CS5 mate now to find my way around it also got lightroom 3 was using aperture before so lot of learning to do again lol šŸ™‚ oh and look forward to the colour version Markie.

      • I had a nasty experience with Lightroom when it crashed in the Kimberley’s last year. I still have the files, but the categories all got stuffed up so I spat it and just use photoshop now with a very simple filing system that works for me…and guess what…it doesn’t crash on me!

  2. Yeah I hear you there mate but I am going to be starting to do a lot of portraits etc and have been told it is really good for that sort of thing filing etc but still going to keep Aperture going until I make my mind up Lightroom works better with photoshop though so fingers crossed will see anyway I may end up doing the same thing.

  3. Fantastic looking image. The B&W treatment looks really punchy and 3D’ish. Love the crisp sharpness of the image. Really nice mate.

  4. Nice one Mark, there are a lot of great old convict built churches etc in Tas!

  5. Ok. Now I’m convinced of the 17mm’s goodness. Is this the church just above the old stables at the bottom of a hill? This shot would be my second favourite of yours this year. The leaf one still being No 1. Both on the 17mm as well.


    • Thanks Jamie,

      Yes, the 17mm is a gem eh and thanks for the compliment as well..likin that shot as well I do!



  6. nah I love this B/W image Mark. fantastic work!

    • Thanks Stephen,

      Yes I think the Black and White has it…but the colour still has merrit I reckon eh!

  7. Mate you know what I think of this photo, it is superb. Thanks for dinner tonight, again you have outdone yourself and showed what a great host you are. Jen and I had a ball. Thanks to lee too. See you on the next adventure buddy.

    • Thanks little buddy…it was great to catch up!!

      Looking fwd to the next adventure for sure!

      The crew tonight all mixed well eh…I like it when a plan comes together!!!



  8. yep it was a great night. Hope you got some waves today, Inji point was smoking this arvo.

    • Nah mate…had the wrong non surfing crew down this weekend so felt compelled to be sociable and not run off!

      Bummer dude!



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