Lake Eyre Cattle Drive…anyone interested???

Coming back from Tassy last night I saw this article in the Qantas magazine about this cattle drive that goes for a month next month and you can join it in sections for a 5 day, 4 night excursion whereby you get on a horse and do the whole cattle drive gig with the real Stockmen. If I can swing it I am thinking about the full moon section which is the last leg.

Check out the Website at: Cattle Drive

I am so gonna do this! Time might be a bit tight for this year, but I reckon the photo opportunities will be unbelievable and way different being able to see and access areas that no one else can unless you have a horse!

In my teens I used to teach horse riding and have done a fair bit of riding in my day…although none recently so the early morning sore butt will be something to reckon with whilst shooting the sunrises!

If this works out as good as I think it will, I am going to look into the same sort of gig you can do in Africa in the game parks on Horseback!

~ by True North Mark on July 14, 2010.

8 Responses to “Lake Eyre Cattle Drive…anyone interested???”

  1. Cattle…I know them like no other having spent the first 23 years of my life on a dairy farm. I have read about this before and would join you mate if I could this year! It’s something I really wanna do along with doing a camel trip through the desert.

    As for Africa, I looooove Africa and am going back probably this coming Dec/Jan. I want to see friends again in wonderful Namibia, and do safaris in Botswana – an unspoiled safari destination, where you can actually hike with guides through the game parks!!

  2. Sounds like another great adventure Mark. As you know I’ve just got back from up there and can certainly vouch for the country up that way.

    • Yes Andrew…likin your shots from out that way I was!

      Lookin to get some of my own I am!

  3. Geeze Mark I used to do this for a living for 10 years before I became a photographer and moved to the big smoke! I can’t believe people pay money to this. He he.
    I had Qantas and Aus Geo publish some of my shots I took whilst I was working on my uncle’s cattle station in the Pilbara in another life.
    Cheers Dave

  4. Hey Mark

    I don’t throw my arse over anything that doesn’t have a throttle and brake!!!

    Horses and I don’t mix unfortunately.

    • Where’s you sense of adventure mate!

      I could teach you and have you up as a budding stockman after that trip!



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