Lake Pedder Reflections

On the way back from Lake Pedder the fog started to lift quite quickly, but managed to capture this very ‘reflective’ image in time before it all burned totally away.

It was somewhat difficult scoping these locations on the way out as it was literally pea soup and if I had known what i know now about what is out there I would have played things a little differently, but I guess that is the challenge of any landscape photographer, which is to deal with the hand that is dealt!!!

~ by True North Mark on July 12, 2010.

9 Responses to “Lake Pedder Reflections”

  1. true words mate, you get what you get when shooting landscapes. Classic reflection shot.

  2. Location Location Location…and it’s right next to the airport! Sorry, got Castle on my mind for some reason. You’re so right on taking what Mother Nature gives you, but sometimes we can help her a bit in Photoshop 🙂

    I love the reflection, mirror perfect, I would get down to the water and leave out all foregroud, just mountains and reflections!

    • Good point for next time mate!

      Well I have a few keepers in the bag at Pirates Point and just waiting for the sun to kiss those cliffs!

      Stay tuned!

      I reckon it’s minus something here at present…friggen freezing I am!



  3. Very nice reflection shot Mark. It is beautiful country down there

    • Indeed Andrew, but you have to look around to find the shots eh!

      They don’t just jump out at you!



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