Port Arthur Window with a View

Christian reckons that Port Arthur gives him the creeps, but I tried to not focus on the history of the place and simply tried to capture some of the beautiful scenes in the old town of the Port.

It must have really been something in its day compared to living in London or something.

I tried to avoid capturing the obvious shots of the old buildings and focused more on the feel of the place and I reckon this window with a view shot somewhat typifies what it would have been like looking out from some of these buildings at Port Arthur.

~ by True North Mark on July 11, 2010.

8 Responses to “Port Arthur Window with a View”

  1. Your viewpoint has really captured the mood well mate. The dead tree is genius!
    Your other landscapes are awesome too. And I like both versions of Lake Pedder.

  2. nice mate, and yes it is a bit spooky if you let your mind go wandering. I think you should correct the vertical on the right with the skew tool.

  3. Hey Mark
    If Christian gets the creeps at Port Arthur during the daytime, you ought to try a 3am night shoot after you have done the “Ghost Tour” the night before….. The dark doesn’t normally bother me, but that place is definitely in the freaky scarey category.


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