Lake Pedder North

On the way out to Gordon Dam, the fog was finally lifting and this little scene presented itself to me.

My wife says it is my best yet from the trip to Tasmania, so it therefore must be as wives are always right eh!

The image definitely lent itself to Black and White so looking fwd to some comments from the Black and White Guru Mr. Spool on this one as to how I faired!

~ by True North Mark on July 11, 2010.

15 Responses to “Lake Pedder North”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Its certainly a haunting photo. It really interesting to see how black and white is often so much better at showing us the mood of a place.


  2. this one is the best, you used the mood of the weather to the mood of the landscape…

  3. Very nice – much more honest than that Facebook photo of you taking the drop twenty years ago.. Love the texture in the trees…

    • Hey Peter…WOW a comment from the man himself..I feel privileged for sure!

      …and that shot was only taken 2 years ago for the Facebook header and I was only surfing waves that size a couple of months ago!

      I have always surfed pretty big waves but these days limit myself to double overhead as the most I will tackle. Tore my cruciet ligament 2 years ago, not long after that shot was taken actually and have toned back my ambitions a little these days.

      Thanks for stopping by Peter.

      By the way read both your mags on the way over to Tassy and loved both of them. When are you printing the Karijini shots up in one of the mags…looking fwd to that I am!

  4. Wow! A comment from Mr Eastway. You’d have to be happy with that!

  5. Oh that’s a very nice moody atmosphere, really good! I would add more contrast, more light to the land parts, they are a little too middle-gray too bland for me.

  6. Awesome shot Mark!

  7. I agree with the Missus on this one…. lovely shot.


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