Florentines Base camp at the Gordon River Logging area

At the height of the fog the other day, we dropped into see the Florentine Protestors camp on the way to the Gordon River and I must say that I was quite moved by their story.

They have been living there on and off for 3 years keeping the loggers at bay and living in the most harshest conditions. It was -1 Celsius the day we were there and they only had a small fire going to cook some food.

The first shot is of the base camp and the second one shows the result of what happens when the loggers get to Old Growth Forests and how decimated the forest becomes.

One of the protestors kindly showed me around and that is him looking up at a 200 year old fern tree which would definitely be history if the loggers get past these dedicated individuals. His name was Ti and he had been there on and off for about 3 months.

I really cannot see why we continue to stuff up this planet the way we do with such reckless abandon. I think this is just a small example of what is going on in places like Indonesia and the Amazon where greed and corruption are rife.

Well done to all those dedicated at Florentines who are trying to get the world to see what is really happening in these areas.


~ by True North Mark on July 11, 2010.

9 Responses to “Florentines Base camp at the Gordon River Logging area”

  1. Australia has lost or has severely damaged about 90% of its forest and woodlands. And it seems we will never learn. Much is said about our great national parks but these are tiny compared to what we should be conserving!
    We also protest about other countries chopping down their rainforests (and rightly so) but we should also look in our backyards. Even today Australia has some of largest rates of land clearing and has the higest rate of animal extinctions!
    Somehow I don’t think solar panels on our roofs or carbon neutral cars are going to save us! We need to stop destroying our natural ecosystems!

    Great story mate!

    • Very informative Dave, I did not know that we were as recalcatrant as that eh!

      It is always about the short term gain and never about a long term strategy!



  2. Good post Mark. Plenty of greed and corruption here too mate.
    I love the propanda signs that the Tasmanian Forestry Commisson place everywhere about sustainable forestry bs bs bs. Not seen that anywhere else in the country. A lot of people don’t have any time for the greenies but without them we would have less wilderness than we currently do.

    • Thanks Andrew,

      I agree that they do a good job, but they would get more credibility world wide if they focused on the real issues like these rather than taking on some of the left field issues they do.

      In this instance they are doing a very good job and it is really tough I can see that.

      Living out in those cold damp conditions infinitum would be quite sould destroying really!

      If nothing else it is a testament to their conviction!



  3. I have seen first hand a lot of the destruction the loggers have done in Tasmania! They are sneaky about it too clear felling forest in places people don’t normally go. Out of sight, out of mind!
    Because Forestry employs a lot of people in Tasmania directly and indirectly, the government is too scared to upset them.
    The Greens have had a lot of influence in logging practices though and things are slowly improving but it is a battle worth fighting before we lose the lot!

    • Indeed Tim and as the forrestry is such a big employer down here it is a very controversial issue!



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  5. good on you Markie for going into the camp and talking to the people that really know what is going on. Could you imagine what this country would have looked like before we arrived. We all need wood and like oil we all use it in our lives. We just need to think about where that wood comes from and make sure we dn’t buy any products that don’t originate from sustainable practices. If possible we should be looking to use recycled timbers. Green looks good on you mate!

    • Thanks bud…I certainly can’t justify what is going on at that forrest that’s for sure!



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