Peddars Lake Tasmania

After leaving Gordon Dam yesterday the fog was finally lifting and then we were finally able to see the lake that had been hidden from us on the way up to the dam and how beautiful is it!

The grass in the foreground is called ball grass and apparently is peculiar to this area and has quite a history.

Apart from anything else, it made a nice foreground for this pano!

~ by True North Mark on July 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “Peddars Lake Tasmania”

  1. I Like it but maybe a touch to much foreground for my liking . What do you reckon??

    • I had a lot of foreground in order to show off the ball grass Peter.

      I have a more zoomed in version I’ll post just for you mate!



  2. If you get the chance to see images of Lake Peddar before it was flooded you will be blown away! Some great shots Mark.

  3. Good to see someone is having some nice weather….nice shot.

    • I had to wait all day to get this shot Pera!

      Pea soup fog prior yo that!

      Thanks for the comment as well Tim.



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