The Sentinals Ranges Tasmania

I had a tough day today as Tasmania had a very cold and frosty day and pea soup fog for most of the day.

We ran out to the Gordon Dam by which time the fog was finally abating and was able to salvage the day with some half reasonable panos.

We also saw the Florentine Protestors in the old growth forrest which was very interesting and informative…more on that later.

Hope you enjoy the first of some panos done today!

~ by True North Mark on July 9, 2010.

17 Responses to “The Sentinals Ranges Tasmania”

  1. Hey Mark winner image here mate and I really like Pirates Point from your previous posts.
    The road in this image has one of those dream composition curves that just leads and teases you . Well done mate.
    Been busy myself with a few posts, check them out when your not posting 😉
    cheers Adrian

  2. This is cool mark, clouds are awesome and image has great clarity, i know there is no horizon but to me it looks like it wants to be rotated clockwise a bit? looking forward to seeing more, looks like some good spots over there! weather couldnt be worse in perth mate so your in a good place!

  3. Beautiful clean crisp image with nice cloud formation noice Mark :).

    • Thanks for the comments Brett and Matty.

      Matt, the was a 10 shot stitch on a very level tripod, so there is no way it could be crooked!



  4. Love it Mark, beautiful landscape, however I would just crop out that left peak, and start the image from the peak shrouded in cloud.


  5. Awesome mate. The frosting on the mountains look fantastic. Was this taken on plateau? Getting jealous now!!

    • Hi Dave

      Thanks mate. No it was just on a slightly elevated roadside.

      It was way foggy on the way there and couldn’t even see the ranges, but fortunately on the way back the ranges had popped!



  6. I love a road in a composition, nice shot Markie, you wouldn’t even think it was winter. I think Matt is right though, it is on the piss. Still don’t show Flemming and you should get away with it. p.s. I have seen your tripod!!!!!

  7. To coin a phrase, your hitting your straps now Mark, Love it.

  8. Hi Mark,

    I have to admit when I first saw this I had to cock my head to one side, and I do find the ‘imaginary’ lean to be a little distracting from a really cool shot. I didn’t say anything at the time as I figured it was just me.



    • Might have to change some shadows or something coz it’s definitely level.

      Check the road out as a guide.



  9. Great image here MArk. I am a sucker for leading roads, make sme want to hop on the 1200GS and ride!

    • Thanks Dave, yes I reckon this image works quite well.

      Pretty part of the world eh!

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