Pirates Point Tasmania

We drove down to Port Arthur today and on the way found this neat little look out over Pirates Point.

Quite a pretty area actually and teh clouds off in the distance were the only clouds we had all day!


~ by True North Mark on July 8, 2010.

13 Responses to “Pirates Point Tasmania”

  1. “Quite pretty….?” Mate that’s the understatement of the century!! This scene is awesome, bloody breathtaking!! Awe geeze Mark you did well here. Wish it was mine!!

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks Bud…it would be good to have a shooting buddy..wish you were here as well!

      Mind you the bride was pretty good to have tag along!

      I am pretty excited about tomorrow…have some pretty good locations to scout!

  2. I’m with Dave, stunner mate! Pretty country down there!

  3. This image is out of this world Mark those cliffs and coast line simply are breath taking thats for sure great job mate :).

    • Thanks for the comments Peta, Tim and Brett!

      I have a couple more from this location so will work them up as well now that I have had such good feedback.

      In fact you inspired me to do a 4 hour return walk to the 300m high cliffs you see off in the distance…will try to get there for sunrise!

      • Sounds awesome Mark can’t wait to see the sunrise from out on there :).

      • It’s gonna be a mission Brett, but I’ll give it a crack! Somewhat complicated by the fact I twisted my ankle a bit today walking down a slippery track!

        Lots of cursing was done I can assure you!

  4. Yep, this is an image alright. A sunrise from the current position lighting up those cliffs might also be a good vantage if you have another day up your sleeve

    • I think I will take the punt on getting further around the coast Andrew, where I am told the cliffs are quite something else!

  5. stunning shot Mark, very beautiful part of the world.
    hope you got out there with no probs for sunrise!

    • Thanks Stephen,

      Unfortunately I twisted my ankle a bit yesterday so I decided not to takle the cliffs today…and it looks like we’re getting that storm you guys just had!



  6. that coast is awesome, ah to get that with some nice light. Great composition Markie, I am definitely going there when I get to Tassie in December. What is the name of the town there?

    • I am pretty sure its called Pirates Point CF.

      Just near Eagle Hawk Neck.



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