40 Knot Shot…Iron Pot Lighthouse!

This is probably the best shot I got out on trials yesterday as after this the wind blow up a bit and the clouds burned off. Hand held and taken whilst doing 40 knots on trials on a 40m Austal Catamaran!

The Lighthouse is called the Iron Pot Lighthouse and apparently there used to be an large house on the island as well which has been withered away over time.

The Lighthouse is just to the South of Hobart in Tasmania.


~ by True North Mark on July 8, 2010.

10 Responses to “40 Knot Shot…Iron Pot Lighthouse!”

  1. Serenity now. Ah just the sort of stuff I love, one of your real winners Mark. Simplistic big wide open cloudscape, very nice mate! Especially with you at 40 knots (probably hanging off the back of the boat on a surfboat shooting with one hand). Unnnn-real! 😀

    Simplicity is always best (well for me), you should explore this directionm more! love the layers and lines and the fact it is not busy. This might also work extremely well in duotoned!

    • Thanks heaps there waytogobo!

      I have been looking for more simplistic shots of late, but they have not been jumping out at me.

      Tomorrow is looking good as have had some heads up from a local and have a few cool things to look for.

      Stay tuned!

  2. Great picture Mark @ 40 Kts thats something

  3. Mate, sensational grab from the boat. Love all the birds, very simple but lots of little things going on there too.

    • Yep spot on Chizz…did you note the mum and bubs in the flock off in the distance?

  4. Nice and color great at that speed

  5. I like this! nice light. would even look cool as a 3:1 pano cropping the top off just above the first layer of clouds i rekon?

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