Traditional Tasmanian Fishing Boats

A big work day today over here with trials going on for most of the day, but I did manage to get this shot at the end of the day which is not a bad way to start off my Tasmanian Adventure especially seeing as it was of a boat!

Gotta love these old style fishing boats eh, they really have some character!

A bit more work over the next few days but I am being told that during endurance trials we are going to pass by some pretty cool landscapes…the only catch will be capturing those landscapes at 40 knots because on endurance trials that is what we have to do…belt around the place at 40 knots for 4 hours to ensure no alarms go off!

Anyway, I am sure that this Adventure Photographer is up to the task!!!

I also have one of the local Captains marking up a map for me as to where to go down here in this beautiful countryside, so over the weekend a treking we will go!

Stay tuned folks as I hope to get to see a fair bit of Hobart and surrounds over the next week or so!


~ by True North Mark on July 6, 2010.

13 Responses to “Traditional Tasmanian Fishing Boats”

  1. Cool Mark – looks similar to some of the fishing boats around here. Sounds like some fun ahead for you… I’ll keep an eye out for some action landscapes ! 🙂

  2. Mate, at 40 knots you will cover some territory and there is some awesome coastline south of there! Have fun!

  3. Have fun mate, some wild stuff down there, particularly if you are around the south cape

  4. Looking forward to seeing more shots of Tassie 🙂

  5. hey mate, your not happy unless your going 40 knots or more hey Markie, I don’t think any of us will ever be able to catch you in the fit a lot into your life competition!! Enjoy Tassie and scope some cool spots for me will ya. Looks like you have some nice clouds down there. I bet it is cold too!!

    • Indeed it is buddy!

      Didn’t get much today, but got some tips on where to go so we will see shan’t we!



  6. Bet you are going to enjoy it to its fullest thats for sure Mark I was hoping to get over there but it ain’t going to happen for a while now envious for sure.

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