You feed…I’ll Watch!

Well, I know what these are called! Some sort of Spoonbill, I believe…Dave…need your input here again!

See what you missed out on mate! You would have been in your element!

Not sure how the 600 would have gone in the waterproof bag and balancing on the canoe though mate!

~ by True North Mark on July 4, 2010.

18 Responses to “You feed…I’ll Watch!”

  1. Yep I like this one. Dark and moody with great detail. When I was walking around Shelly Bridge the other day I was amazed at the amount of birdlife around.


  2. I like that one Mark – funny looking birds aren’t they! We nearly took the kayaks out today too – maybe we should have done it!

  3. They are extraordinarily beautiful birds, great shot Markie.

    • Why thank you Thomas!

      Try capturing that at 300mm whilst balancing on a racing canoe!

  4. very nice Mark.
    you’ve put an artistic twist into a nature shot.
    I really like the it

    • Thanks Stephen!

      I musty admit I didn’t set out to do that…but I guess I did didn’t I!

  5. Hi Mark these are Yellow-Billed Spoonbills, one of two species of spoonbills we have here in Australia. The bird in the foreground is a juvenile. Great shot!

    Where was it shot and what lens were u using???

    • Why thanks Tom!

      I need to brush up on my bird life knowledge eh!



  6. Hey nice one Mark! I’m actually working on some Royal spoonbills from the Kimberley at the moment! I must admit spoonbills are one of my favourite birds to photograph. I’ve always liked them since seeing one in the farm dam when I was a kid. Your darter is also cool mate. Hmmm I am a bit jealous mate… we’ll have to go out when you get from Tassy.

    • No worries Dave!

      I could have done with an expert guide that day!



  7. “very handy birds” – an expression I once heard some Pommie backpacker use in Oz…but this really is a nice moody bird portrait, well done, you even got me commenting on a bird photo 🙂

    • Is that 2 firsts for you Bo?

      First autumn comment and first bird comment?

      Gotta be happy with that!



      • Yep, could quite possibly be the first autumn and bird shots I have commented on 🙂 Not counting my own autumn shots of course.

        Btw, Eastway just posted some handy birds on his Facebook page!

      • Good to see the man is following my lead there waytogobo!

  8. Great composition in this shot Mark, really nice result.

    • Thanks Pete…it has been quiet popular for sure!

      In Tassy at present and hope to get out for shoots in a few days so stay tuned!

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