The colours of Feathers

My Mate Phil pointed this one out to me…how’s the colours in this little guy’s back!

~ by True North Mark on July 4, 2010.

6 Responses to “The colours of Feathers”

  1. It’s the darter again – that iridescent shine off those black feathers is similar to those off the black duck’s wing feathers hey Dave?!!?

  2. Some nice colors and light happening in the shots. The best book to get is the Australian bird book, its small and you can carry it in your bag. It is a great paddle in that part of the river.

    • Thanks Peta..I will make sure i get the book.

      Yes it is a very pretty part of the river eh!



  3. He looks like he is posing for your shot here Mark, What did you say to him ??

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