BIrds of the Canning River

I went for a paddle down Canning River today, from Riverton to High Road, with some old school buddies…and no old farts jokes you guys…yes I can still remember my school days…just!

I am going to call on my old buddy Dave Bettini here to let me know what Bird I have captured here as I am showing my ignorance not knowing what I have captured.

There was some cool colours behind this little fella whilst he was drying his wings and I very much like how the overall image has worked out.

~ by True North Mark on July 4, 2010.

6 Responses to “BIrds of the Canning River”

  1. Great colours Mark, has ‘he’ turned his head 180 degrees to face you here ? very intriguing posture, not to mention flexible !

    • Yep Tone..he was keeping a good eye on me!

      180 degree head turn..pretty cool eh!

  2. Hi Mark sorry to steal Dave’s thunder but its a Darter, otherwise know as a ‘Snakebird’ because when they fish and paddle around in the water, they fully submerge their bodies with only their long necks above the water, giving the appearance of a snake. it’s related to the cormorants and the only species found here in Australia.

    • Thanks Tom

      I don’t mind who enlightens me..keen to learn more I am…gratefull I am as well!



  3. Awesome shot Mark, the lighting on its wings is perfect. Very nice.

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