Weano Topsides

This is a 6 shots stitch from the Top of Weno Gorge Karijini. Neal from Spool was perched here as I was walking down so I thought I would join him.

~ by True North Mark on July 2, 2010.

10 Responses to “Weano Topsides”

  1. This is top notch, I love it! Great atmosphere.

    • Thanks Matt..it would appear that we are the only 2 that like it!

      It is a 6 shot stitch with my 50mm prime.

      3 across the top and 3 down the bottom.



      • Weekends are slower on the blogs. I’ve just upgraded from my 40D to a 5D noticing the difference, especially in the ISO stakes. The mood of this image is just great, this one belongs in a gallery.

      • Thanks Matt,

        Enjoy the 5d they are a great camera!



  2. I like it as well Markie … Very similar to mine just a slight different angle … I’ll post the image of you actually taking this image later today …

    • Thanks Neal,

      Looking fwd to your post as you have some Stella subject matter to work with there mate!



  3. Really liked this one, had some good luck with that cloud cover. Well done mate

  4. Nice Mark, I also did a fair bit of square format pano’s while I was there. Quite often lends itself to one!

    Cheers mate

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