60,002 hits!

Hey Troops…I have just clocked 60,002 hits!

Blog Stats Summary Tables

Total views:60,002

Busiest day:1,108 — Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Views today:161






I have all you guys and gals to thanks for those stats…so a very big thank you from me!

Onto the next year as I have now been going for just over a year with this blog.

13 months which is about 395 days, 465 posts…about 1.25 posts per day and about 12 comments per day.

All very good and once again…thanks for the support!!! 🙂

~ by True North Mark on July 1, 2010.

37 Responses to “60,002 hits!”

  1. Congrats Mark on some some serious sats. Huge effort.
    It has been great to view your many images, receive and read all comments and to meet you and the pizza dome.
    Look forward to more posts and a trip on the true North with yours truly!

    • Thanks Adrian…you have been a regular for sure and I will welcome you on True North any time mate!

      Mr. Bo Jangles (Flemming) has now confirmed on the PNG trip this year with CF and myself so that should be fun!

  2. Well done Marky, u deserve the hits mate, u remind me of a saying ” I got a fever, and the only cure is more ……. photo blogs” (okay it was really cow bell, so I changed it a little. haha)

    • Thanks Chizzy!

      Good story mate and yep I enjoy my blogging and the constant strive to be better.



  3. you’re a machine!

  4. I think CF may have to watch his back, your on fire.

    • Nothing like a bit of friendly rivalry to keep him on his toes….we bounce off each other a lot and we have a lot of fun mini comps together.

      Thanks for the comment Thomas.

  5. Mate, that is impressive. Well done. Always good to log on and check out the latest adventure.

  6. Victoria Mark. I live in the Dandenong Ranges S.E Melb. My dad lives up in Bright so I’m up there quite a bit as well.

  7. Nice one!! I need a prompt from Merv…you on the other hand are on fire 😉 As always, looking forward to the next installment.

  8. Awesome work mate always exciting to get the emails through for your new images thats for sure keep up the good work and maybe next year you will reach 120,000 for a year never know I guess :).

  9. I am surprised it isn’t 60,000 posts 🙂 You have done very well Mark, put in a huge effort and it shows as your photography really continues to shine and improve. Well done!

    I won’t get into a posting competition with you in PNG, no fun entering something one has no chance of winning 🙂 Btw my record for hits in one day is 2,250 – beat that mate hehehe D:

  10. Congrats on the 60k Markie …. annnn dennnnn ?

  11. Well done Mark , huge effort.

    Back in NZ at the moment , might go back to the Cadrona for a beer next week.

    • Nice Merv!

      Get some shots of those ski bunnies mate!

      You know you can do it son..we’re counting on you mate!



  12. Well done dude! I’ve been watching you blog stats rapidly increase ever since you started. I’m not surprised you’ve done so well. You have a very interesting blog with varied content which is updated every 5 mins! And the fact that you always reply to our comments will keep us coming back for more.
    Do it once and do it right….. hmmm….now where did I here that from….
    Have a great weekend

    • Good memory there dude!

      That is one of my favorite sayings.

      Heard a good one today as well.

      ‘When things look like going to hell, just keep going’!



    • Hey Dave…want to go out on a shoot somewhere this weekend?

  13. Would love to mate but it’s Kim’s birthday tomorrow so we’ve got a bit on both days. Would sometime next week suit you? Haven’t been out in a while so would be great to go somewhere! I even bought the new mark 4 two weeks ago and haven’t even used it yet! Let me know what you think….

    • Don’t know how you can contain yourself! I would have been out in a heartbeat with that new puppy!

      Unfortunately I will be in Tassy next week till the 13th.

      When we get back then!

  14. Yea sounds good mate! Look forward to it. Have fun in Tassy. Work or play? Get some great shots like last time eh.

    • Bit of both mate!

      There to take delivery of 2 x 41m ferries for the Trinidad Government who I am working for and of course there will be some days off for some shooting!

      I have a 6’4″ Norwegian Sherper over there who likes to go out on shoots and carry my gear for me…very cool!

  15. Well done mate, you’ve put up some quality stuff! I think I have managed about 2000 hits!

  16. Well done My big buddy, haha 60 k posts, that was a funny comment. Your blog is entertaining and i always new it was going to be successful. Well done on some brilliant images Markie.

  17. Yep, you are probably right about that! i would say you have been a fair share of my paltry total as well. Enjoy your trip to Tassy!

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