Christian and his Red Hot Phase One!!!

This is the result of a light painting exercise we did with the light painting guru…the man himself…Brent Pearson!!!

Brent runs a really good light painting tutorial and I am sure we all came away being a lot wiser about some of the techniques Brent uses.

Christian got the job of being the man in the shot and as it turned out the shot made a ‘burning highlight’ of the Phase!

Thanks for the tut their Brent!

~ by True North Mark on June 30, 2010.

11 Responses to “Christian and his Red Hot Phase One!!!”

  1. Haha love this image Mark as I am sure you will get a comment from the man himself lol but yeah its a good image though :).

    • Thanks Brett,

      Dunno if I will get a comment from the man as he is without internet at home for about another month as he has just moved house again and I guess he is dealing with the most useless organization in the world….Telstra…poor bastard!

      At home is where he does most of his internet surfing!

      • Poor bastard indeed what will he do, ring him and tell him he needs to get wireless lol.

      • I have shown him how to tether his iphone, but maybe he is just having a break.

        It certainly cuts down on my email traffic when he is not blogging!

  2. He is probably just making love to his Phase One still lol he loves that thing and he has been taking some great shots with it to though almost like he has been reborn hey.
    New toys are always the same though until they wear off lol.

    • Yes indeed he has got some crackers with the Phase for sure!

      He is an excitable lad and it is good to see him reinvigorated.

  3. Hey Mark. CF looks miserable as he watches his phase go up in flames! he he.
    Great looking shot mate. Very original.

    • Just a bit of fun really Dave whilst we were learning the play with this light painting stuff!

  4. Good fun image, I look forward to seeing all three of ya the photographer, the camera and the Fletcher in PNG 🙂

    I am not at all surprised that the Phase One comes with an in-built laser force field protection defense system that kicks in when you take a rest, so people don’t nick it. For that kind of money, it’s the least they can throw in!

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