Bright RIver Colours

Carrying on with the Bright theme, I found this one lurking that was taken right on sunrise from memory…although it was pretty foggy as you can see.

The colours that were buried in this image are quite amazing and I was quite surprised with what I ended up with from where I started!


~ by True North Mark on June 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Bright RIver Colours”

  1. cool textures in the water here Mark… Unfortuantely I found that the rest of this area was not quite as inspirational as others. Also I’m pretty darn sure this is the Ovens river too, if that is of any help?
    Keep ’em coming though mate – I enjoy following your constantly updating blog 🙂

    • Thanks Tone…didn’t know what the rivers name was so Bright River was good enough!

      • Yeah I know, and that’s why I mentioned it, as I know if I can’t recall or think of the name of something it really can shit me. lol

        all good 🙂

      • I never knew the name so need for me to get pissed at myself 🙂

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