Some of Jenna’s work!

Here is a cross section of some of Jenna’s work. As mentioned in a previous post about my logo, Jenna is the daughter of some very close friends of ours and after the post about my logos she has already picked up a couple of jobs from fellow bloggers!

The power of the blogs eh! The band shot is of her Brother, who is also very talented and he is the lead guitarist in a band called One Tiger Down. Keep an eye out for them as they are all very good.

Jenna has shown some true passion and talent her introduction into photography and is for sure on her way to stardom somewhere in the world of Photography.

Well done Jenna and I look fwd to seeing your next assignments!


~ by True North Mark on June 27, 2010.

8 Responses to “Some of Jenna’s work!”

  1. Thank you Markus for all the support and encouragement always! 🙂

    Image 3 is by fashion designer: Joy Lai
    Image 4 is by fashion designer: Michelle Cox.

  2. The talent pool is rising all the time and its awesome to see how much depth we have in our city and state as I can say for probably most of us bloggers. Jenna keep going your work looks great and I look forward to seeing more of it to come thats for sure.

  3. Thanks Brett!


    • Your very welcome indeed Jenna. Maybe we should try and organise a bit of a blogger catch up Mark for a shoot some time one afternoon on a weekend maybe do a shoot and then have a few nibbles and a glass of wine after just an idea what do you think Mark?

      • Could do Brett

        Bit busy for a couple of weeks , but after that no worries.



  4. Yeah was just a thought for everyone to get together would be good to put some of the faces together lol but could be good low key fun I guess.

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