Bibra Lake Luna Eclipse

This shot was inspired by Bo and shows the start of the Luna Eclipse we had here last night…hope you like it!

~ by True North Mark on June 27, 2010.

12 Responses to “Bibra Lake Luna Eclipse”

  1. Superb Marky, one of your best mate. Has a real nice feel to it, get’s me lost there for a moment.

    • Thanks Chiz…I had my doubts about it but my wife loved it so I perseverd!



  2. Yep, this is one of your best for sure Mark. Awesome stuff

  3. Now you are getting there mate, this is starting to really shine it’s magic. I still wish there was lots of details in the moon, still looks washed out to me. Moon is reflected sunlight so it’s much brighter than we perceive and needs almost daylight exposure settings. Do you have a moon exposed with lots of details. Also, I don’t like the moon so yellow. Sorry for being so pedantic, this is really good and you asked for feedback 🙂

    • No mate I don’t have one any less exposed that that..but I know fire next time eh!



  4. cracker shot and idea!, but im with bo a bit re the moon, even looks a little bit fake to me?

  5. Yeah i like this image the best of the last three you have put up …but … theres always a but. I’m with Flemming if this had a moon with detail and a slight desat. I think it would be the ducks . Love the desat look of the over all shot and I’d keep the blur and drop in an in focus moon , but that’s me.

    Somewhere on my hard drives a have about 5 or 6 different focal length shots of a full moon that i took to drop into the right shot one day, just never had the right shot to use them.

  6. Can’t believe that you were at Bibra Lake and didn’t call me! I live a minute away!
    Excellent result. Love the stylised look!

    • Thanks Leigh…didn’t know you lived that close mate!

      I was dropping in to get some Red Rooster and thought…why not ping off a shot!

      I was literally there for about 5 minutes!

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