Another little gem from Mt Beauty

It doesn’t really matter if anyone likes this image or not coz my bride loves it…so that’s enough for me!

Oh OK…it will be better if you guys like it to! 🙂


~ by True North Mark on June 27, 2010.

44 Responses to “Another little gem from Mt Beauty”

  1. Hi Mark,

    Melissa and I both like this photo. Nothing else to say!


  2. Slam dunk. Yep that is what she and I were looking for. The detail is exquisite.

  3. Yep, I like it to and I even would just about put money on it that Merv might even approve of it. Now that would almost be like winning gold eh.

  4. Really nice Mark….

  5. best one of ya trip I rekon! the colours blow my mind

    • Thanks Matt…I think I have a few other favs than this but it is up there for sure!


    • I am so!

      That’s what I was doing whilst you guys were on the bridge Tommy!

      Its the first shot I took down there!

  7. Award winner for sure!

  8. Great execution Mark, the wide angle did a fab job.

  9. i have to agree with everyone else Mark.
    i love it, can’t believe you held back on us for so long with it! 😛

  10. Bloody great shot mate!!!…. the colour are amazing!!

  11. First shots are often the best mate and I reckon that this is a ripper.

  12. Good comment Andrew. I wonder if that is because on those first few shots we are shooting with our hearts before we start to think about the technical aspects of a shot.


    • No it’s probably that I just managed to jag it being the hack that I am Jamie:)



  13. LOVE the colours Mark, really lovely shot.

  14. AWesome shot indeed Mark love the composition the colours the water in the back ground all gives it a peaceful tranquil feel to it thats for sure almost like you are peaking under the tree to see a couple of morning lovers sitting by the stream :).
    I am with you Jamie I think the first few images you shoot off are always some of the best just because your soul see’s what it wants and grab’s it before you think about anything else even when at first you probably don’t even like the first shot for some reason it grows on you :).

  15. Quite possibly the best of anyones shots of the Bright area. We often stumble on our best shots months after they were taken eh? How could you doubt that we wouldn’t like it. Fantastic colours, composition and detail!


    • Hi Dave…a great compliment mate!

      I think I am just going through a bit of a low confidence period where I am doubting a lot of my images lately.

      Need to just go and get some of those HTFU pills and carry on eh!

  16. Your images are great dude. I also really like your eclipse shots as well.
    I also have no idea about the pills you are taking!

    • Harden the f Up pills!

      I am sure we all go through stages of self doubt sometimes, and just recently I have been being a little too critical of myself.

      This is probably coz I haven’t been out shooting for a while and need a fix more than anything.

      Thanks again for the compliment!

  17. Hey Mark, mate this has gold written all over it. This certainly has to be an entry in a future comp. somewhere. The perspective is a show stopper, there is certainly an organic feel about it, the leaves of the branches and those same leaves on the ground etc , let alone those colours, sweet shot.

  18. Great shot ,
    Love the foreground with the patterns and colors

  19. I told you this was the one Mark!, must be up there with one of your most popular posts for sure! I saved the image and put it as my background on my iphone – looks sweet with all the colour!

  20. Mark, what can I say, awesome job…….say no more!!

  21. Oooh this one is a gem Markie ! I almost feel as if it’s on the coast or a large lake with that back drop. Sweet shot mate 🙂

  22. Best shot out of anyones i’ve seen yet from this little trip. Bang on!

  23. Gold, Markie, you managed to do an autumn shot that I am actually commenting on 🙂 That means a lot as I see these very saturated golden autumn colours and images by the millions every year here in Denmark so I’m sick of them 🙂 But this one is nice because the composition is great, really draws me in into the image in a strange way.

    • Getting a gold from you mate is indeed a Goooold!

      I have my bride to thank for this one as she liked it and encouraged me along!

      Thanks Bud!

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