Full Moon over Perth City

I went out to catch the Full Moon eclipse tonight but found the Moonrise was probably a better and more colourful event. The lack of clouds and the gradient of colours in the sky was quite beautiful and the full moon gave us a beautiful stairway to the moon.

~ by True North Mark on June 26, 2010.

19 Responses to “Full Moon over Perth City”

  1. Gob smacked at the detail in the image. First time I have ever seen a shot like this one with the moon.

    • Why thank you Leigh!

      Seeing how many shots of Perth there are I very much take that as a compliment!

  2. Awesome image Mark really has a mood to it with the moon I went out myself to get the moon but came up trumps sat there for an hour and nothing really happened but at least someone got a good image :).

    • Thanks again Brett…where did you go?

      It is always a difficult call judging where the best location will be eh!

  3. Head is now done in, may I ask what the exposure setting for this were? That’s a stitch I take it? Similar to my Ferry image from Melbourne. Bl**dy brilliant.

  4. Ah the good old Kings Park view, hard to beat! Great light and good pano mate. Do you have an image exposed for the moon? That way you don’t blow out the moon like you have now, you photoshop in the moon from the ‘moon’ image, perhaps at slighly larger size to make the moon look as big as how we subjectively see it (not how the camera sees it). That’s the only thing I feel is lacking here, a non-burned out moon.

  5. sweet shot mate!

  6. Hi Mark. Would you mind telling me what settings you used to get this shot and how many images are stitched together?

    • Hi Jo,

      No problem.

      It was f8 on my 28-300 zoom at about 150mm and iso at 800 shutter 1.6 seconds.

      I had the camera in landscape mode and I think it was 5 or 6 shots.



  7. Good shot mate, reckon the moon itself could be a bit lighter though.

  8. Great image Mark!

  9. Excellent image of the city and moon. Never seen anything like this. Looks fantastic, worth printing mate.

    • Cool Graham…considering how many times the city is shot that a a great compliment!



  10. Hi Mark, the photos are great mate. Lake Ballard photos are particularly impressive, these shots really capture a sense of the landscape. Keep up the good work.
    Phil T.

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