Full Moon at Bibra Lake

Jeeze I get around eh!….One minute at Perth and then at Bibra Lake!

I tried a few different things during this edit as the image needed something…so open for comments or criticism troops…bring it on I say! 🙂

~ by True North Mark on June 26, 2010.

12 Responses to “Full Moon at Bibra Lake”

  1. Mark I say its not to bad even great actually I love it did you use a gaussian blur there perhaps :).

    • Thanks Brett, well that’s one tick!

      No I actually used motion blur. The background was crap with power lines and nothing of interest at all, so I thought well why not blur it out!

      I experimented with lens blur and gausian, and I liked the motion blur result the best.

  2. Really cool mate, great take, awesome edit. Could pose for well worked sunrise!

  3. It’s a good idead. Having a jetty that is sharp leading into a blurred surreal infinity. Suggestions: again, a non-blown out moon please, it looks so much cooler and in an arty version like this you could have a large moon and make it more otherworldly 🙂 What if gradually blurred the jetty as well, like a really shallow DOF or into a foggy blurred reality ?

    • All good ideas Bo thanks and I do have exposures for the moon itsel so I will give it a crack on all the images.

      Matt, thanks for all the comments as well mate…glad I managed to do your head in!



    • Hey Bo, I have now amended all three images and they have come out a treat with the non blown out moon! Thanks for the encouragement mate! The funny thing is that I fully intended to do just that and when I edited the images, I completely forgot the original mission statement I had set myself! When you pointed out the obvious…I thought Doh..should’ve done that already!

  4. cool shot mark, I like the blur effect, works well! looks like you had a productive evening!

  5. This is my favourite one so far, really like it. Looking forward to seeing the one with the new moon in it as well!

  6. I like it. Works well

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