Mt Buffalo Mist

This one’s for Bo!

Here you go mate, I think this misty vista works a little better than the last actually! Hope you like it mate!


~ by True North Mark on June 25, 2010.

14 Responses to “Mt Buffalo Mist”

  1. Hmm I see why this one should be better but I feel the last one is more evocative – the mist in the first shot has more of an atmosphere to it – not sure why. Just a humble beginners opinion though…

  2. I like this , got a lot of potential.

    Well done, you adventure photographer you !!


  3. yeah I much prefer this image Mark.
    great feel and I love the foggy highlights

  4. liking this composition better Mark!.
    Out of curiosity, I saved the image and pulled it in to photoshop to have a play, and it came up saying the embedded profile was the dcam3 +20 chroma variant. Do you convert to srgb for the web, or not in this case? or is it my photoshop playing tricks on me aha

    • Hi Matt,

      No I haven’t been doing that lately as I have changed my workflow.

      It doesn’t seem to make too much difference from what I can see as Dcam is the colour space I use and I am thinking that when you view it on the web it will revert to srgb in any case?



  5. Im hearin ya,

    but, in my limited (and possibly wrong) colour managment knowledge, from what i understand – if you leave as is and upload, the image as seen on the web would be the result of what would be the equivalent of you ‘assigning a colour profile’ of srgb, i.e. your colour numbers will stay the same, so in going to the web which is srgb, your colours will change to preserve the same colour numbers.
    Howevor when ‘converting’ to srgb prior to uploading to the web you are changing the numbers so the colours stay the same.
    So im guessing your colours are changing in not converting to srgb in photoshop, but as you say maybe its not having a significant impact.
    would be interesting to see what the case is with some more saturated colours?

    • Interesting and probably correct mate!

      Maybees I’ll convert to srgb!

      • think its correct ahah, need les walking to give confirmation! ahah. but yeh everything i have read always says to ‘convert’ to srgb for the web so the colour numbers change to preserve the colour of the colour space you are wokring in :).
        keen for a shoot soon?

      • Yeah mate no worries.

        Give me a call if you see anything shaping up.

  6. Thanks mate ! I like this composition better, it has a nice extreme angle to it, like the mysterious foggy forest is attempting to lure me into the mist.

    I was also thinking zooming in and then doing some really simple shots of heavy fog and some trees, almost abstract. This can work so well in fog, although you need to whip out that 28-300mm of yours and zoom in as once you’re standing in the fog it doesn’t look like fog anymore (can’t see the fog for the eh, trees or something!)

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