Christian in the Mist!!!

Here is a shot of Christian with his beloved Phase One ready to capture more of that amazing detail!

~ by True North Mark on June 25, 2010.

24 Responses to “Christian in the Mist!!!”

  1. This is better than the previous one , just have to do a bit of cloning to make it perfect.

  2. Makes a nice portrait, I like it, a landscape man within the landscape. I bet he got through some batteries in the cold weather. I’ll be in Sydney in 2 weeks, gotta get me out to the mountains for an early morning shoot! Logos looking real swish!

  3. Great image…shame about the talent!

    • There was a serious lack of naked babes walking around Leigh, so I grabbed the closest subject which happened to be Christian! 🙂

      Aah well beggars can’t be choosers!

  4. Cool, so I guess the Phase One is now fog tested! As it should be, we get heaps of fog here in Denmark. Will be interesting to see how it copes with PNG tropical conditions 😀

    • You bet Bo..png is a real test for cameras with humidity running at 80+ %!



      • I can imaginae, having shot on Borneo during the same extreme humid conditions. The 5D Mk II came through perfect though, no problems, neither with video nor stills. Worst problems was condensation on the lenses and some very sweaty blokes 🙂

      • I have found the best way Bo, is to leave the cameras on the camera rack outside so that you are not going in and out of the aircon.

        Not sure if Christian is going to bring himself to part with his baby for that long?

  5. Cool shot Mark – I think it would be best to see it large so you can see the man with a bit more detail. Well processed as well. 🙂

  6. What I like is that it gives you a great perspective, from the other shots you really dont get the feel for how big the trees are.

  7. What a tosser!

  8. I like the “Automatically generated – Possibly Related Posts” for this Mark, innocence and dolls…….CF, innocent, yeah right, dolls…….possibly. He’s probably got a Phase One doll that he cuddles up to at night!!!
    Nice image though Mark. Also Christian looks like he’s in Cafe’ attire, not bush bashing landscape photographer clobber.

    • Well spoted Jamie!

      Yes from memory he did look like he was off to the cafe!



  9. These last two pics are fantastic, Can’t beat that soft crisp light eh.

    The one with CF in it should be his new web site profile pic I reckon, a bit more up to date than the he is using.

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