Forrest Fog at Mt Buffalo

Here is a typical scene that we were presented with whilst up at Mt Buffalo with Christian and Tom Putt. It was a beautiful morning, but somewhat hard to capture. I think this image is the one that comes closest to portraying the atmosphere on that day.

~ by True North Mark on June 23, 2010.

12 Responses to “Forrest Fog at Mt Buffalo”

  1. Always a good challenge on Mt Buffalo, is this on the walk to Lady’s Bath Falls?

  2. There’s no place like habitat. Nice capture mate.

  3. Looks very cold and damp…Thats what I got in the Otways,,,

  4. I feel cold!!! Very cold and damp look, nice. Fog is hard to capture, but that fog down on the left side seems to be begging for some tres in the fog shots, did you capture any of that area?

    • Yes I did mate….I will work up one or 2 for you and see if I can get them to work!

  5. Love it

  6. I like the treatment on this one mark..looks really natural but also has a sort of painted feel to it. noice!

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