My new Logo!!!

Hey Troops,

One of my very dear and oldest friends has a beautiful daughter by the name of Jenna, who is currently studying to be a Photographer and Graphic designer. I asked her to design a new logo for me and here it is after only one day!

I only gave her the mission statement yesterday and vola…here is the result which I am very happy with.

I will be encouraging her to put a blog together so that all you guys and gals out there in blog land can access this wonderful new talent for yourselves. She will be looking at charging a modest fee for some walking around money, but I am sure you will all be impressed with what she can do.

Not only that, I have just seen a few assignments she has done, one is a total rebranding for a company and one was a portrait shoot….stunning is what comes to mind.

So anyone thinking of rebranding…Jenna is your girl

Anyone thinking of putting on a part time photographer in a portrait studio…Jenna is your girl!

Until she gets her blog up and going, contact me if you have any interest.

~ by True North Mark on June 21, 2010.

35 Responses to “My new Logo!!!”

  1. love the new logo mate its awesome

    • Thanks Philbert! I love it too and it looks like Jenna has her first job of this post already!

  2. Hey Markie
    I like it – a nice clean, distinctive, trendy look. It’s you, mate! I should have known that if you recommend her she would be good – very good!

    • Thanks Greggy…good to hear from you mate!

      She already has a job off the blog post for Merv!

  3. looks good mate! well hats off to Jenna really 😛

    • Glad you like the new logo Dylan and I am sure Jenna will be pleased to read the positive reinforcement.

      In fact I might even do a feature on the little Treasure…now there’s an idea!

  4. The logo looks really cool, well done Jenna! Trust Mark and get a blog going Jenna, you’ve given Mark some CF style branding. Have you got a card?

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks Mate, you will have to line up behind Merv who jumped in first! 🙂

      But Jenna’s email is attached to an email I am sending you.

      Good luck with it!

  5. Good work Jenna, that is a nice new header logo you got there Mark, looks great!

  6. Hi Mark,

    I like the ‘adventure’ part to the branding as that is fairly unique but reflects what you are and do perfectly.

    Just got back from Bali with the family. Very relaxing staying in Ubud. They had this infinity pool that looks out onto the rice fields. We spent lots of time there so I guess that qualifies as living on the edge for me.

    • Thanks Peter,

      Not quite the ‘living on the edge I was thinking of!:)



  7. Great logo, suits you to a tee….

  8. Nice work …

  9. The logo looks great Mark – just one small criticism – it should be “If you’re not living on the edge” – you have got “your” instead of “you’re” which is grammatically wrong. Sorry to be a party pooper but it’s important to get it perfect in every way don’t you think?

  10. No worries – happy to offer my services as proof reader to anyone who needs them 😉

  11. Mark Stothard, Landscape and Adventure Photographer. Hmmm yep that sums you up perfectly!

  12. Looking great Mark, well done to Jenna. 🙂

  13. nice mark…i came across a photography book buy a guy that shoots for the west australian..cant remember who it was but saw a classic shot of people jumping out of the old porter out at hillman farm and the caption had your name in it..brought back a few memories of when we used to go out there all the time with dad aha!

    • Cool mate,

      That shot was taken by Rod Taylor when we first bought the Porter.

      We did a jump into the city and Rod took the shot from a 182!

      I am also in another shot of a crayboat doing 30 knots punching into a 2 m sea! at the heads!



  14. Hey Mark,

    I came across this sky diving shot that might impress you. It wasn’t obvious initially but there is space shuttle launching in the bottom right.

    • Waycool shot Peter!

      That would be a one in a million shot I reckon and I like the way the skydivers are sihloeted as well!



  15. Looks great Mark ,
    Love the new Logo

  16. Logo looks great Mark ! I had a chuckle how we both released logos on the same night totally oblivous to the other. 🙂

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