After the Fire

Here is another shot from the Karijini Plains that very much shows both the trauma and the regrowth. The 2 cool trees on the left were showing major signs of trauma on their left had sides with cracked back and caramelised sap.

The new green shoots in the foreground shows the new life coming back.

It is obvious after checking this scene out that the fire was coming from the left and it was probably hot and moving very fast as only the left hand side of all the trees were damaged. The right hand sides were all pretty much unaffected!


~ by True North Mark on June 20, 2010.

11 Responses to “After the Fire”

  1. Nice Mark … I remember seeing you trail off to the left someways …. I have a similar image from the left a few hundred feet …. That was not a bad nights shoot in the end …

  2. Like this a lot Mark, had some good luck with a few clouds around. The grey clouds balance out the ash coloured area beneath the tree which contrasts beautifully with the spinifex. The new growth isn’t what draws me into this image.

    • Thanks for the comments Andrew and Neal…2 comments on one shot Andrew…I’m impressed!

      Yes, Neal, it was a good night for a shoot, but it was not an easy shoot I found…the compositions didn’t just jump out at you…one had to sit back and think for a while eh!

  3. You did it that night, I thought you did it the following night when GP was working on it …

    • Nah mate, that night and then walked on it for a few days until it went feral swimming through some algae!

  4. I really like the colours you have produced here mate. Really nice dusty yet vibrant (if that makes sense) Pilbara colours. Has a nice ‘painterly’ feel to it.

    Karijini and Pilbara is so tricky for compositions! I also wandered and wandered trying to find my spots. Hard to simplify things there as it’s quite busy with many gum trees etc. The composition here perhaps lacks a little bit a really strong anchor for the eye.

    • Thanks Bo…it wasn’t easy to get that anchor you are referring to mate and as I trashed my wide angle lense on this shoot, I was very limited with what I could do!

      • No I know, it’s darn near impossible in Karijini, I have fought my battles with compositions there as well! But that’s what makes it fun, hunting for compositions topside in Karijini where it doesn’t just present itself to you.

        Trashed your wide angle, bugger!

      • Yep knocked my tripod whilst securing the Camera bag strap and down she went and the lense took the brunt of it! Doh!

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