Jar Island Kimberley

Here is a stitch that I had not worked up from my trip on True North with Christian last year. So typical of the tidal movement up there and the great patterns created by the tidal movement.

This area is a lead into some very good Aboriginal Wanjena art which is the reason why we were there. A short walk over the hill and through some mangroves to a beautiful overhang that was obviously used extensively by the Aboriginal tribes for shelter and cooking etc.

Literally a million dollar view these days!

The no boat version is due to popular demand by Jamie!


~ by True North Mark on June 16, 2010.

15 Responses to “Jar Island Kimberley”

  1. Beautiful spot, beautiful shot. When I win lotto I’ll hop onboard. 😉 I just wish the boats weren’t in the shot. You are right about the patterns, they are seriously cool.


  2. Nope, but it would make a damn fine landscape shot. Can we see a special edition non boat one?

    I only ask because its a really oool shot with an almost ‘fisheye / 3D depth’ effect to it.


  3. Not quite a winner for me I have to admit Mark. Too distorted and just not enough of an interest anywhere in the image.

    Going through old files? I know that feeling, time for a new photo adventure when one is running out of raw files 🙂 Fire up the boat, I’m ready, see ya in the tropics 🙂

    • I have the Rowleys, png and the Solomons to do before the end of the year mate…come play!



      • Tempted, very tempted mate! Would love to see PNG. My favourite is probably still Louisiades, but PNG would be fabulous as well. Which date are you going, is this the one Christian is on as well?

      • Hi Bo,

        We are on trip 1 PNG from Alotau to Keivieng.

        Departs on the 6th of November and returns on the 13th.

        There is a single male share cabin available according to the website.

        Let me know if you’re interested and I will work a price out for you.

        Christian is on the cruise as well.



  4. I have to admit that I like the distortion to me that is the interest. I really feel like I’m about to ‘fall’ into the image. That is the beauty about our art. It can mean so many different things to so many different people.


  5. Yea I don’t mind the distortion either Mark. As a matter of fact I think it actually looks somewhat natural. Something different without being over the top I reckon. Beautiful mate. I do prefer it without the boats but that’s just me!
    Have a great weekend mate.

    • Thanks for the positive feedback Dave.

      Off to Rotto tomorrow for a surf…so it will indeed be a good weekend!

      CF tells me that I will be joining you and Mervie Boy soon out in the outback so looking fwd to that!

      Catch up soon mate…avagoodoneyourselfmate!

      • Hmmmm seems like my people have been talking to your people. he he
        Looking forward to it too. Cheers Dave

      • Hmmmmm…glad all those people got it right dude!

        We might have to keep them on then well eh!

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