Henderson Pelican Sunset

This afternoon in Henderson I was presented with an amazing lead up to sunset with conditions as glassy as I have ever seen down there at that time of day and so pinged these 2 shots off. I quite like the ripple texture in the water and the overall surreal feel to the scenes.

I carried on out to Woodmans Point in the hope for an epic sunset, but alas it all burned off by then and there were clouds on the horizon…so dummy in the dirt I started back to the car and then a funny thing happened which made the evening!

There was a guy walking his dogs and as I was packing up he came from behind a car with a large Rottweiler following closely behind him all the while calling for fang.

With a slight bit of trepidation I thought ‘well if the Rottweiler is not called Fang then what is the next dog going to look like…after a little while ‘Fang’ finally  came bounding out from behind the car….it was a small white Poodle! I nearly wet myself with laughter!!! 🙂


~ by True North Mark on June 14, 2010.

8 Responses to “Henderson Pelican Sunset”

  1. Hey Mark, great story. There are some wicked names for dogs around and it’s always good when the owners have a slightly bent sense of humour for the names they come up with.

    Gotta love these clouds and reflections, they sure make for a nice pic.

    • Thanks Peter…yes that little experience kept a smile on my face for a while last night!

  2. All those little dogs are the most annoying eh.
    Your sky is exploding dude!

    • Yes it was pretty cool eh!

      I don’t normally shoot into the sun, but it was just begging me to yesterday!



  3. Wonderful clouds, with a reflection this perfect you could shoot some nice abstracts by composing shots with only the reflection in them.

  4. haha – great story Mark, I like those mirror reflections that you scored there. Something I have been wanting to get over the bay here but the elements have just not aligned when I have time thus far..


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