First June Rains

We have had the most amazing start to Winter this year with blue skies and nil winds now for so long. Last night we had our first rains and these water droplets caught my eye out in the garden.

The backdrop behind the leaf is the pond in my backyard and the light reflecting off the water which made for an interesting backdrop to the shot.


~ by True North Mark on June 14, 2010.

6 Responses to “First June Rains”

  1. Thats very nice Mark
    Very Arty.

  2. Nice sharp work Mark, The background is also very arty and well blurred. Did you try taking one with a polariser and making the background dark as well ? That would perhaps make the leaf pop even more ? Good to hear the season is finally cracking over there, severe weather warnings here with gusts in exposed areas to 130kmh tonight. 🙂

    • No I didn’t use a polariser mate, but good tip for next time…rock and roll over your way by the sounds of it Tone!

  3. Nice Mark Like it
    Colors are nice and like the sharpness of the leaf and blur of the back ground

    • Thanks again Kirk,

      Nice to hear from you and looking fwd to more USA images from you!

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