Weano Gorge Pool

I was just going back through my KJ RAW files and found this lurking in in there.

I think the best thing I like about this image is that it has the whole range of colours of the Pilbara in there.

~ by True North Mark on June 13, 2010.

14 Responses to “Weano Gorge Pool”

  1. awesome markie i like it

  2. Uh huh, awesome Mark. 🙂
    For me I like this the most out of all of your images from there. Great colour range as you pointed out, and very nice composition.
    I feel the single images work much better down in the gorges then Pano’s do.
    I think due to there just being far too much going on in the Pano’s- where as a single image like this just works perfectly 🙂

  3. Got the full colour spectrum there alright.

    I like it.

    • Made my day Merv!

      Gotta work hard to get a thumbs up from my favorite critic!



  4. RGB certainly copped a flogging in this image mate. A beautiful image

  5. Whoa ! fantastic rich vibrant image mate – sensory overload for the eyes. top stuff !

  6. Love the colours in this Mark. Really Nice.

  7. Definitely one of the better gorge shots I have seen, it works well because of the gorgeous reflection creating an opening towards infinity – the sky – something which I find is missing in all gorge shots (well naturally, as one is down in a gorge, but still, I miss the sky in gorge shots, they’re too confined). Here the sky works doubly well because it’s a reflection so it’s a bit surreal. Nice mate!

    • Coming from you Bo…the anti gorge Nazi..I take that as a real compliment…thanks mate!

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