Pilbara River Gums

On the way up to Karijini we camped next to this dry creek bed which had a few very cool knarly River Gums. It is amazing how these trees manage to survive between the droughts and the floods!


~ by True North Mark on June 12, 2010.

11 Responses to “Pilbara River Gums”

  1. Yep like it. Did you hear any blue-winged kookaburras when you were there?

  2. Did you take this on the way to Karijini, it looks familiar. It’s well balanced, wish I’d have got this one!

  3. nice one Mark, Looks better then the truck stop i camped at lol!

  4. Love these trees, every photo should have one in it. haha

    • Yeah they’re cool eh Pete!

      Looks like you’re having a ball up North eh!

      Rained today here in Perth.

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