Indian Chief Clouds

I was down at the shipyard today and saw these very unusual clouds forming that looked very much to me like Indian Chief Headresses. I pulled out the trusty 1Ds and pinged off this 3 shot stitch.

My wife likes it so it must be good!

Let me know what you guys think…which I am sure you will!

There is some cool detail in the larger TIFF file with a bunch of Pelicans silhouetted in amongst the clouds.

~ by True North Mark on June 11, 2010.

8 Responses to “Indian Chief Clouds”

  1. Cool clouds!!

    • Thanks Sandra.

      I wasn’t too sure about them so at least one vote of confidence is reassuring!



  2. worth sending off to The Cloud Appreciation Society!

  3. yes I think Nick Rains is a member. Abstract, a bit dark for me might get a luminosity mask on it and bring the dark mid-tones up a little.

    • OK Mate, I’ll give that a go.

      I sent it off to the Cloud Appreciation society and will see what comes back!

  4. Cloud Appreciation Society, I gotta be an honourary member, my kinda stuff. Cool clouds here, love them, perhaps tone them a bit duotoned just to warm it a bit. Clouds are warm and fuzzy 🙂 Unless they’re rain clouds in which case they’re angry and dramatic, but still beautiful!

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