Bears Sunrise

This shot is typical of the quality of the waves down south over the last week. Kinda glad that I was behind the lense on this occasion though rather than about to be thumped by that monster!


~ by True North Mark on June 7, 2010.

20 Responses to “Bears Sunrise”

  1. Nice shot Mark, looks like the surf was fun!.
    I went up to bombing range on sat and it was pumping!. how good is this ‘winter’ weather

  2. Gee that wave looks scary! I want to try surfing but perhaps on a smsaller stage!

    Really nice image and colours, I like the look of it, almost overcooked but looks good. Do you have a vertical, just wondering if a vertical slice would look swell (haha).

    • No I didn’t do a vertical Bo, but will give one a shot next time I see a shot like that.

      Yep them there were solid waves eh!

  3. sweet shot Mark.
    I really like it.
    and nah I wouldn’t be caught out there by a long shot haha.
    i’m pretty handy at most sports- but surfing is one thing i’ve not even got close to being good at haha

    • Surfing is something you need to start at young Stephen as the learning curve get exponentially harder as you get older for some reason!

      • size of my feet you’d think it’d be easy haha.
        but yeah tried it for the first time a couple of years ago, couple of times since… but not even close.
        I can body surf all day long so I just went back to that haha 🙂

      • Sounds like a plan Stephen!



  4. Whoa, great surf, great shot

  5. INSANE man ! great colour palette Mark, that looks a cracker of a dawn and setting. Did you do this shoot with CF ?

    • No mate, I was on the way out to go surfing, but then decided it was on the rise as every set after this one got bigger and bigger and nastier…so we had breaky instead!

  6. Tony I think I was dying of a rotten cold when Markie took that pic. Bummer I missed it though.
    Those clouds are brilliant.

    • Yep you sounded half dead mate!



    • At least someone was there shooting it… You know if you didn’t make the human sacrifice and joined Markie it would have dudded…


  7. a bit like a sacrificial lamb… bahhh

    • He was doing more than just going bah when I called him the other day Tone!

      Thought the boy was gonna kick the bucket on us for sure!

      • I thought he might have been going ‘bahhh’ into a bucket. He’s still with us though and seems as motivated as ever again.

      • Indeed! The force is still with him!



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