Freedom Suppressed

Last night Brent Pearson myself and a couple of models went out for a night shoot (guess where) and the theme I wanted to portray was a beautiful girl caught up within the city darkness and confusion and ultimately suppressing her freedom and happiness.

Thanks to Brent for his tutoring and the use of his light gear and to our lovely models Dion and Jade as well as the assistants.

It was a huge learning curve for me with sooooo many things to consider from the composition, the lighting the model position and the props etc etc. My brain was fired by the end of the night!

We had some fun but and we will do it again somewhere else no doubt!


~ by True North Mark on June 4, 2010.

32 Responses to “Freedom Suppressed”

  1. Great work Mark — Cheers

    • Thanks from India Amar!

      Kinda cool that the first comment comes from half way around the world eh!

  2. Whoo. No idea what you said in your post,I’ve skipped straight to the picture !!!!!

    • Aahh so now I know what I need to post to get a comment from you these days Merv!

  3. awesome shot mate love it wish i was there with you guys

  4. did you use dry ice for the misty look there Mark?
    What you plans for the weekend?

    • Yeah mate…dry ice.

      Down south for Sunday Monday for a surf or 2 and a shoot or 2!

      Phil, we will have to get out for a shoot soon mate!



  5. Nice one Mark

    The image came out really well, you must be happy with it. The dry ice looks awesome and you did a nice job with the post processing. Nice pose… nice capture.
    Your degree of difficulty was pretty high on this shot, but you pulled it off!

  6. Love the lighting in this Mark

  7. hmmm just wondering where the invite was. πŸ™‚

    • As it was Jamie with 2 photographers and one set of lights it was drawn out!

      We started at 1800 and didn’t finish till 2200!



  8. Great work fella, certainly outside of the square but compostion and elements are spot on. Could enter this one in a comp I reckon

    • Thanks Andrew…I very much appreciate the compliment and vote of confidence!



  9. Only a 4hr shoot? You’re going soft Mark. πŸ˜‰ We’ve got two sets of lights sitting here at home. I’m about to put up a photo I did of someone about 3wks ago.

  10. Nice work Mark, evocative and edgy!

  11. Even though I have no idea what it is about, i like it, very evocative.

    • It will become evident down the track Thomas! Thanks for the positive input!



  12. Nice work Mark, looks really good.

  13. Hi Mark, I really like the effect you achieved with the dry ice. Good one!

  14. Hey Mark not sure how this shot will look in the Rotto book haha.

    Pretty well done though if it is your venture into the controlled lighting scene.

    • Hi Peter,

      Well you are almost onto it…not with the Rotto Book…but the fact that it is an idea and a new venture that I am exploring…stay tuned over the next few months!

      Bo, thanks for the comments. The shoot did not go quite as planned for sure and I found it quite challenging actually. Thanks for the heads up on your mates website…I will check it out for sure.

  15. She looks like she could suppress a bit of freedom herself! Sounds like you guys had a fun night!

    I gotta be the harsh critic here and say it needs improvement. Now, this is just me playing critic, I couldn’t light a barn to save my life, but I know what I like πŸ™‚ First feeling I get is ‘fake’ and ‘staged’…the light feels flat, the hair looks very fake. For something like this to work, I like to see a picture that looks like it was shot in the middle of her real life, a carefully staged snapshot. Like she was in the middle of some scene and we just paused for a second and was allowed to peep. I would like the light much more selective and darker, not lighting up her whole body, face, hair. Sorry, just saying what I feel πŸ™‚

    If you wish to study doing ‘concept’ images, check out a brilliant photographer friend of mine here in Copenhagen:
    I know the flash is annoying, but click ‘Pictures’ after skipping the intro, the study ‘Illustrations’, and ‘Work’

  16. sorry, can’t edit – at also click Pictures, Portraits and Various. Gives you a good idea of concept images staged dynamically like they are in the middle of something.

  17. Flemming you have to tell your mate that his website sucks big time. I couldn’t stand it, Flash is just a waste of time, I agree with Steve Jobs!! Sorry but that site did my head in and I really wanted to have a look at his stuff.

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