Pelican Brake!!!

~ by True North Mark on June 1, 2010.

13 Responses to “Pelican Brake!!!”

  1. Excellent detail on these Peli’s Mark. Well done. Must have been a super quick shutter speed?

  2. Couple of great images of birds in flight!

  3. Nice Mark. He sure has a fire his belly eh? Nice light.

    • Thanks Dave!

      I posted that one just for you mate!

      Shame I cut off the bottom few feathers, but it still kinda works I think.



  4. very cool mate, I like this better than the previous (I feel the vignette is too strong in that one). Awesome light on the under carriage (hehe) and wings. Was this taken with your 400mm zoom ?

    t 🙂

  5. nice light and movement on the wings

  6. Magnificent work Markie, awesome detail.

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