Lancelin Dunes


I had a ruch of blood today and thought that I might take a drive up to Lancelin to shoot the full moon and the sand dunes.

Not such a good idea..I felt like I was in the middle of a scene from Mad Max!!!

There was a huge number of young testosterone filled dudes with cars and bikes tearing up the dunes as fast as they could!

I managed to salvage these couple of shots in amongst the mayhem!

~ by True North Mark on May 29, 2010.

25 Responses to “Lancelin Dunes”

  1. some cool colours happening in the dunes there mark.

    • Thanks Matt

      I tried to call you yesterday but you were not answering.



      • I was down south orgnising some things for our new shed we are putting on the block and would have been out of range. I’ll give you a MSG in the week and see what you’re up to!

      • 10-4 Matt!



  2. Great colors Mark, shame about all the bikes and cars tearing the dunes up but there are some nice dunes down south that are pristine, just means you will have to take a week off and go camping….

  3. Great colour, sharpness and quite surreal.
    I like them.

  4. Hi Mark,

    I really like the first shot. Its pretty cool. Great colours. Should’ve given me a call, the Rangie hasn’t had a good work out in ages.


  5. Sounds like a mad night indeed, they should leave those dunes alone, photo wreckers!

    I like the first one, has a nice surreal quality to it, good gold look to the sand. Highly saturated but it sorta works cos it makes it look so surreal.

    Second one, not quite abstract enough to be abstract if that makes sense 🙂 Needs to be simplified.

    • Thanks Bo…the desert guru!

      It was crazy up there and I should have taken some shots to show just how cray!



  6. Looks like another planet Mark! We done mate. The way the images glow is fantastic!

  7. Gotta be careful of those bloody ruches 😛
    I like both images Mark. Usually I would think there is too much blue sky going on, but in this circumstance I like it. Looks like there were some interesting lines to shoot.

    • Mate…u had to look hard eh, coz every good line had a tyre track through it!



  8. Top stuff Mark!!…… i need to get back up to wedge!!!….and dennnnnn

    • Yep for sure Clint! I have a mate who has a shack up there so should get up there this winter…and den and den and den!!!



  9. Nice work Mark. I really like the first image, fantastic colours. The gold in the dune looks 18crt 🙂

  10. Some wild colours, tones and textures here. Great to see a slightly different perspective from this area – love it mate !

  11. Hey dad loving these shots very nice 😛

    • Hey baby,

      Nice to see a comment from you!

      Just had a stonkin surf with Davie boy!

      Love dad!

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