I wonder what’s around that corner???

This was taken half way up the falls at Hancock on the day out with Brent and our guide Dan. Dan is looking around the corner and I remember when I was taking this shot….indeed what is around that corner and how much further we had to go!

As it was we were all lugging our cameras out and clicked into the tripods, so the climb was made somewhat more difficult than it normally would have been!


~ by True North Mark on May 27, 2010.

15 Responses to “I wonder what’s around that corner???”

  1. Great shot Mark – will have to get up there one of these days…

  2. Great pic, and caption says it all. What lengths we go to get the perfect shot…

    • If you’re not living on the edge Peta, you are taking up too much space!



  3. He he. No… surely it’s not the smoke monster from LOST around the corner! He he

  4. Love all the lines and detail

  5. Its a pretty impressive place huh Markie……. Id go and do it all again in an instant, but maybe spend a day doing each gorge with Dan…..

  6. Hey Mark
    Love this shot!

    Love the colours, the strong diagonal and the focal point/scale of Dan.

    Great shot


  7. Top image Mark, I’d love to see the sharpness and detain in this baby at full size. Looks like a fun day !

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