Red Gorge Reflections

This image is for Neal and Bo!!!

Gents, this is the reason why you venture down in the gorges! I found it lurking in my Knox Gorge files that I had not looked at yet and it is one of the many cool spots that Brent and I saw during the day out with our guide.

Hope you guys like the shot and perhaps it might entice you to look more into the gorges in future when you are next in the area!

~ by True North Mark on May 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Red Gorge Reflections”

  1. Cheers Mark 🙂 I have been down in the gorges, it is just way too confinging and closed in for me – prefer the beautiful open topside 🙂

    For your image, I would suggest that for this sort of reflection to really work there must be nothing to tell the brain what is going on – meaaning no foreground, so either stand in the water to loose that bit on the left or crop it out (hurts the composition though I agree).

    Hey, I met Dan last year, he took Numbnuts 1 & 2 (Rodney and Casey) down the gorges, great guy!

    • Yes indeed he was a great guy and very patient with us photog types as well!

      Nice to hear from you Bo and glad to see that you are safe and sound back home!

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