Vineyard Sheep

This afternoon was somewhat challenging with fading light and a storm brewing and just as we had decided to call it a day, we spotted these sheep in the vineyard from the road. We tried to do the Christian Fletcher routine and shoot from the window, but alas we were not as well practised in this elite form of photography as the man himself, so we actually had to get out and shoot kneeling down of all things!

I must get CF to show me the art of car window shooting sometime!

~ by True North Mark on May 22, 2010.

7 Responses to “Vineyard Sheep”

  1. I think that one liked you!

  2. Yeah – but she’s such a poser!

  3. Sheep in a vineyard hey? Were they eating the grapes? Nice shots of cannal rocks bellow aswell. I think the BW would look cool with a bit more contrast maybe. did you use Nik Silver Fx on it?

    • Yes I did Dan.

      Just starting to use Nics..pretty cool eh!

      And the sheep seemed to be content with the grass!



  4. No grapes on the vines at this time of year, send in the weed mowers. The low aperture make this a cool shot, draws the eye in to the subject matter, sheepish of you.

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