Canal Rocks Wild

We had a bit of a front come through the SW today and after shooting the cool rocks that Jamie put us onto, we climbed up on top of these rocks and pinged this off using an ND.

Pretty happy with the result actually and managed to get all of this drama in one image!

~ by True North Mark on May 22, 2010.

8 Responses to “Canal Rocks Wild”

  1. Greaaaat shot Mark. This is the spot I was talking about and you’ve nailed it. Well done. You can see Injidup Beach in the background. Next time you and I are down there at the same time we’ll have to go to Contos Beach and go ballistic.


  2. What can I say but “gorgeous”. Really lovely shot Mark. I like everything about it …. except for one thing.

    I don’t like the font you use and the bright colours for the name of your image. It doesn’t seem in keeping with the image and actually distracts me from the lovely image. I would urge you to reconsider your font & colour so that it compliments rather than distracts.


    • Thanks Brent

      Glad you liked the shot.

      I am gett a logo drafted up now which will mean I don’t have to make font decisions any more as I am no good at it!



  3. Love the motion of the ocean in this one Mark! I,ve got to get over there one day.


  4. I like the water motion as well, but you cant beat the color of the water….

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