Bright Willow

I am not sure about this image. The foreground reds are sharp and the willow is desaturated and unsharp in the background.

My wife loves it so it must be good eh!

Let me know what you think!

~ by True North Mark on May 17, 2010.

11 Responses to “Bright Willow”

  1. very monet….

    • Not sure what that means Peta…but it sounds cool!

      Am I showing my uncultured side yet!

  2. you dont know who Monet is….look it up, color and soft focus is what makes the painting…

  3. Mark……. Works for me……
    enjoying your work …. & play ….
    Those F S C sailing dinghy’s remain vividly imprinted.
    Awaiting the Cockburn big cats,,,, close up-ish.

    • Thanks Clive,

      I will endeavour to get better shots of the big Cat and Tri soon when i go out on the next sea trial.

  4. Quite a cool effect with the DOF/Gaussian Blur. Is certainly something different and it seems to work so well done mate.

  5. I love the contrast in colours too. And agree with the Monet comment. Fab shot.

    • Thanks for the thumbs up Belinda and Andrew!

      Sometimes you look at images so long you learn to dislike them and you lose confidence!



  6. Hey Mark
    I’m afraid I’m going to go against the tide. It doesn’t really do it for me…. my eye seems to be jumping around between the f/g and b/g and not settling anywhere…. Almost like one of those visual puzzles.


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