Mt Buffalo Bright Victoria

Here is another Stitch from Mt Buffalo from my recent trip with the lads. A 2 shot stitch with my 50mm Prime and one of the first images I have done up in CS5.

I used a fair bit of content aware fill in this image and am pretty happy with the results! I think our workload for difficult images has just be cut down dramatically troops!


~ by True North Mark on May 16, 2010.

9 Responses to “Mt Buffalo Bright Victoria”

  1. Nice sharp image, suprised you didn’t hand glide off the ramp in the foreground there……

    • Perhaps in my younger days Andrew….but I know how far I want to push the limits these days!

  2. Hey Mark, you’ve got a great selection of photos here. I have been visiting, but have resorted to commenting every 50 or 60 images, I can’t keep up with you man!! Ha ha!! You don’t keep still for very long!!

    • Hi Jamie,

      Nice to hear from you mate!

      Yep I get out there and do it for sure…’it ain’t a rehearsal you know’…’and we’re here for a good time not a long time’!



  3. Top image Marky ! I like the rocks against the background… Haven’t had a chance yet to find out much about CS5.


  4. yup my kinda scene here Mark. anything with mountains get’s my attention haha.
    granite rocks always catches the eye I find, and these are fantastic

  5. Love it Mark … Great scene … Just be careful with the Content aware fill, I have found you need to go in a clone over a section of two so as the double ups are not that close to each other …. I have had a few issues with a few of my images …. With your image I see it on the bottom left side corner … Once thats fixed you have a pearler …

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