Who would like to join me on True North at the Rowley Shoals?

If anyone out there is a keen diver or snorkeler, maybe you would like to join Lee and I for a cruise on True North. We are doing the first Rowley Shoals cruise this year, which we call the Coral Atoll cruise 1. The cruise departs on the 25th of September and returns on the 30th.

Details can be found here but I can tell you the Rowleys would be up there with the best diving and snorkelling you can do on the planet!

I have been diving now for 35 years and I have dived on most of the iconic places on the planet and am yet to find somewhere that has the clarity and consistently great dives and snorkelling as the Rowley Shoals.

There are heaps of cool photo opportunities as well, both above and below the water.

Anyone interested, please contact me at mark@northstarcruises.com.au


~ by True North Mark on May 12, 2010.

13 Responses to “Who would like to join me on True North at the Rowley Shoals?”

  1. Mark I have a few mates that would be keen as and I am keen as I have been diving for 10 years I love it its like a totally different world down there hey. How much mate so I can try and chase you up some business and will need to know what the cruise is going to incude ie fill etc how deep how many dives a day all the usuall that us divers love to know we are a funky picky lot lol. I think there will be some awesome images to be had to mate.
    I am home next week for good for a while to so keen to catch up for a shoot Mark if your still keen mate.


    • Hi Brett,

      If you follow the link on the post mate it will take you to the website and the itinerary.

      You get yourself to Broome and we take care of the rest. All food and diving is included…booze is to your account.

      There are normally at least 3 and sometimes as many as 5 dives a day and many are to 35m.

      Snorkelling is very good up there as well.

      Always keen for a shoot mate, so have a chat to your mates and lets see if we can make a party of this cruise!

      I will email you my phone number so you can call me.



  2. I’ll be there Marky even if I have to bunk up with 3 other smelly crew members. I’m looking forward to really pushing the 5D underwater and doing the Rowley’s and True North justice.

    Good underwater vision has eluded me due mainly to my own limitations but I’m hoping with your help we can nail it for all to see.

    I’m glad you guys will be on trip one with me. I have been missing you man:)


    • A beautiful thing Mike!!

      I have been missing you to bud.. I will be down south in a couple of weeks with Lee and Nik so we should catch up.

      Glad you will be on the trip for sure!



  3. I may be in the Great Sandy Desert with a bunch of HACK!!! photographers but hopefully we will all get back. See you in a couple.


  4. M.Fletcher,
    I thought the term HACK was designed for your closest of room / bunk mates, now I find out you use it for almost anyone… I feel violated ! !

  5. Hey Brett, how are you going with your mates. I have just taken a booking for 4 cabins today, so we are filling up quiet quickly.

    As we only do 3 cruises to the Rowley’s every year these cruises normally cruise full.

    Let me know and I can reserve you some cabins. I need to know if they want Staterooms (Explorer Class), Double rooms (River Class), or Twin (Ocean Class).



  6. I would like to put down a deffinate but cant right now as finding a new job to accomodate the no fly in out but shouldn’t be a problem just cant confirm just yet Mark give me a few weeks and I will know mate.

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