Another Perspective from Mt Beauty

I thought I would post one more from Mt Beauty…this one kinda pokes you in the eye…but it appeals to me!


~ by True North Mark on May 12, 2010.

31 Responses to “Another Perspective from Mt Beauty”

  1. Nice lines, works for me!

    • Thanks for the comments, Jamie, Andrew and Matt….yep I kinda like this one as well. I normally wouldn’t post such a similar image to a previous one, but I thought this one had merrit…ta!

  2. Hi Mark,

    Those strong vertical lines really make this photo don’t they? Very cool.


  3. A ripper.

  4. Love the shadows leading back to the trunks Mark – top image mate !

    • Thanks Tone!

      You shoulda been there mate!



      • Yeah I wanted to but had commitments. I thoroughly enjoyed shooting and hanging out with you guys – must do it again some time soon ! 🙂

      • No worries mate…any time!



  5. All these backlit shots have been an absolute success. Great work mate.

  6. Mark you showed me this on the back of the camera and I liked it!
    And guess what?!!? I still like it!

  7. Very nice Mark!

  8. Strong image Mark, nice lines….

  9. looks mint Markie, if you got it a little earlier still it would have been a little less contrasty. The image works really well though and the new sharpening technique you are using has made all the difference. Well done.

  10. I want to know the secrets argh please lol Great image Mark I am home in Perth next week from prob wednesday on so we will have to get in touch as to a shoot location mate I’m excited indeed hey.

    • Ok no worries Brett!

      Did you find the details in the Rowleys and have you rallied up some interest with your dive buddies?



  11. Yup, very nice Mark, great colours and composition.
    Top stuff.


  12. Very classy Markie.
    Shadows, leaves, sun flare, sweet as.

  13. I like this one better then the other Marky!

  14. pretty special Mark.
    well worth posting that’s for sure.
    i prefer this over the other version also.

    tis hard to keep up with you man- I think I need an extra hour a day just for your blog lol 🙂

    • They all say that Stephen!

      I have never been one to half do anything in my life, so now that Photography has become a passion….that is my focus!

      Thanks for the comment bud!

  15. Another great image Mark. Excellent job. That sun burst really makes it for me.

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