Path to Everywhere!!!

I was going to call this image the ‘Path to Nowhere’ but then I recalled that the path very much took us to ‘Everywhere’!! This is at the top of Mount Buffalo.

Christian Tom and Myself spent the early morning exploring through this beautiful walkway in amongst the cloud and curious light filtering through the trees.


~ by True North Mark on May 11, 2010.

5 Responses to “Path to Everywhere!!!”

  1. A path or road is always good as a leading line, I find that they work better if you get down really low so you get a much more extreme angle. And perhaps the top here could also be cropped for more dramatic tension in the composition.

  2. Magic shot Mark!

  3. Mark this is a great shot! You really captured the sense of place (that is such a wanky term but I couldn’t think of another term of phrase…)

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